Now is the time to

Ignite Your Power to Move Mountains

Do you feel like you are REACTING to your emotions, your circumstances, and to others around you?

Does it seem like you are constantly trying to PROVE your worth?

Are you frustrated that your circumstances don't change despite your best efforts?

And when it comes down to it, do you feel trapped in a DOWNWARD SPIRAL that is draining all of your energy and motivation?



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Hi! My name is

Kristen Guymon

Life has a way of dimming the divine light within us.

That leaves us in a dark place questioning who we are.

We strive for control; thinking if we just keep working hard enough someday things will get better.

The TRUTH is:

YOU are powerful beyond measure.

YOU are enough and are doing enough.

YOU are supported and surrounded by a Divine Team

(Heavenly Parents, a Savior- Jesus Christ,

the Holy Ghost, and Angels).

YOU are completely and perfectly LOVED.

I love to help women embrace these truths!

I teach how to access W.I.L.L. (Wisdom In Love & Light) Power

to process negative emotions, alter subconscious programs, and create connection.


I help women who are ready to improve

their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness

through holistic practices and moving meditations,

so they can be CONFIDENT, feel CHERISHED, and


My FAVORITE holistic tools


I love that both Eastern and Western medicine now agree on the amazing benefits of meditation.

Meditation doesn't have to be sitting silently trying not to think. I love to teach MOVING meditations that you can do as you walk, dance, hike, paddleboard, bike, etc

I also love qi gong which is the skillful use of your own internal energy (qi) using breath, attention, and movement.


As we meditate, we release limiting beliefs, stagnant emotions stuck in our bodies, and subconscious programming.

We can view this as "weeding" as we cultivate the garden of who we really are.

Essential oils are like watering the ground before we pull the weeds out. They make it easier to release those things that no longer serve us.


Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches how the energetic body is comprised of meridians, or channels, that allow life force energy (qi) to circulate to every cell in the physical body. Along these meridians are certain points that act as "gates" which effect the flow of energy.

Tension and pain often accumulate at these gates, or acupressure points. Finger pressure shifts the gate to open which releases endorphins, enables muscle fibers to relax, improves blood flow, and eliminates toxins from the physical body.

"I ask you to be a healer,

be a helper, be someone who joins in the work of Christ in lifting burdens, in making the load lighter, in making things better... Help people. Heal old wounds, and try to make things better.

In short, I ask you to "follow Him".

-Jeffrey R. Holland-

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